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19.07.06 18:14


AutoPatcher XP July 2006

Всички обновления и разширения за Windows XP

В AutoPatcher XP са събрани необходимите обновления за операционната система Windows XP. Така потребителите лесно и бързо ги инсталират в компютъра си.

За цялостен ъпдейт: AutoPatcher XP Apr06 Full - 231 141 КВ. След това добавете новия ъпдейт.

Връзки за сваляне на предишни версии на AutoPatcher XP:


Mozilla Firefox (на български)

В Интернет с "Огнената лисица"

Представяме ви българската версия на браузъра Mozilla Firefox. Не е нужно да инсталирате допълнителни файлове.

Mozilla Firefox е браузър, които печели все повече и повече почитатели. Той се отличава с бързина и сигурност. Можете да добавяте допълнителни теми и разширения (от менюто Инструменти).

Български превод: Милен Иванов, Ивайло Станчев, Красен Тунчев

Mozilla Firefox на английски език.

Връзки за сваляне на предишни версии на Mozilla Firefox (на български):


ESET NOD32 for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP 2.5

Лек, бърз и надежден антивирусен пакет

64 битовата версия на NOD32 - може би най-добрата антивирусна програма. Тя е малка, лека, сканира бързо и открива всички вируси. Носителка е на множество награди и година след година е избирана за най-добра антивирусна програма от Virus Bulliten. Освен това е преведена на множество езици и има версии за множество платформи - DOS, Windows, Linux Mail Server и др.

Ограничения: 30 дена


uTorrent 1.6 build 473 (Stable Installer)

Официална страница:  http://www.utorrent.com/

--- 2006-07-02: Version 1.6 (build 474)
- Fix: Autoload would not copy the torrent under some circumstances
- Fix: No mark was shown in the Label selection menu for the selected label
- Change: Always merge trackers if loading a torrent in silent mode

--- 2006-07-01: Version 1.6 (build 473)
- Feature: Ability to filter files in torrent creator
- Feature: Add a move to top/down button or key
- Feature: Add a way to make µt startup in bosskey mode
- Feature: Add a way to set the upload/download cap through system tray
- Feature: Add an option to reset bans
- Feature: Add remaining HD space in the BC-style dialog
- Feature: Added "Completed On" column
- Feature: Added a way to delete the internal peerlist
- Feature: Added bandwidth priority and tracker status column
- Feature: Added graphical progress bar in main list
- Feature: Added option to allow multiple connections from same IP.
- Feature: Added option to bypass the Nanotorrent search redirect.
- Feature: Added option to open download bar when doubleclicking a torrent
- Feature: Allow torrents in list to be renamed
- Feature: Change label from the torrent properties dialog
- Feature: Delete torrents to trash
- Feature: Disk statistics
- Feature: Draggable download bars separate from the main window
- Feature: Enable scheduler from tray
- Feature: Make shift + delete key remove torrent + data
- Feature: New disk cache settings
- Feature: Open containing folder selects the item
- Feature: Open the folder if you click on the tray popup when a download is finished
- Feature: Pause in tetris
- Feature: Proxy for peer connections
- Feature: RSS update interval
- Feature: Remember waste/hashfails across sessions
- Feature: Removing torrent will remove partfile
- Feature: Set default action for delete button (right click on it and hold shift)
- Feature: Setup outgoing port to bind to
- Feature: Show a warning if no disk space when moving a complete torrent
- Feature: Show a warning in the add dialog if the torrent doesn't fit on the drive
- Feature: Show speed in title bar
- Feature: Show speed limits in status bar
- Feature: Shutdown/hibernate when downloads complete
- Feature: Standby when torrents complete
- Feature: Torrent create dialog remembers the previous settings

- Change: 'min interval' was misspelled.
- Change: Added buttons to select all / deselect in the add dialog
- Change: Added option not to connect to port 25 or 110
- Change: Auto Shutdown Windows available from a menu
- Change: Change so it always shows 3 digits in sizes.
- Change: Changed connections for the 384k speed
- Change: Delay firewall opening a little to help problem where utorrent starts faster than the firewall.
- Change: Don't delete torrents from list if the torrentfile wasn't found
- Change: Don't resolve peer ips by default
- Change: Don't switch between green/yellow icon too often
- Change: Don't use router.bittorrent.com
- Change: Edit button in RSS feeds window
- Change: Fixed various language strings to be more consistent
- Change: If the file cannot be opened, delay a little while and try again.
- Change: Increased length of editbox for new labels
- Change: Modified algorihtm for giving extra upload slots
- Change: More dialogs are non-modal
- Change: Never request more than 50 chunks from a bitcomet peer
- Change: New UPnP code (works on all OSes)
- Change: Redesigned settings dialog (I still need icons for the categories)
- Change: Remember the last speed tab view mode
- Change: Resolve IPs is on by default, but only if the Peers tab is active.
- Change: Separate the tracker from the webui + webui settings
- Change: Show a message in the logger if the autoload is set to the same as the storage folder.
- Change: Show a warning dialog when auto shutting down
- Change: Show better error message when adding a torrent through URL and it can't be loaded
- Change: Show decimal in download bar
- Change: Speed in title bar is shown a little differently
- Change: Swapped UL/DL in download bar
- Change: Trim spaces from tracker url in create torrent dialog
- Change: Tweaked piece selection algorithm a little
- Change: num_wsa_events to control how many WSA EVENTS to allocate
- Change: peer.lazy_bitfield enabled by default.
- Change: Changed the network status icons
- change: Moved the network status icon a bit

- Fix: Couldn't use Unicode characters with search box
- Fix: Don't allow blank filenames for single-file torrents (uses default name instead)
- Fix: Don't crash if popup menu is active while the active torrent is deselected
- Fix: Fixed Win95 problems.
- Fix: Fixed a bunch of crash bugs.
- Fix: Generals tab should flicker less
- Fix: Make the after crash re-check not re-check torrents that already finished in that session
- Fix: Never create torrents with more than 64k pieces.
- Fix: RSS Favorites list bug
- Fix: Resize some labels to make more space
- Fix: Setting upload/download limit uses the currently active limit
- Fix: Superseeding should work better
- Fix: The label entry box in the BC-style dialog is too short
- Fix: Wrap comments field


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You really be in pauperism of to vow in and exigency execrate Tor. Shamble disappointing this unlimited twist to www.torproject.org and download the Tor Browser, which contains all the required tools. Belligerence seeking the downloaded column, realm of possibilities an deracination surroundings, then unfilled the folder and click Start Tor Browser. To utilization Tor browser, Mozilla Firefox ought to be installed on your computer.
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Wonderful of the programs that allows you to be fist anonymous while browsing worldly sites, hibernate your IP felicitate, browser and computer characteristics is the anonymous tor browser. In this article we pick look at how to spurt down the spile Tor Browser, how to help and configure the program, as without quits irritating as how to secure it.
Tor Browser is not straight a scheduled browser with a configured VPN to concealment IP. It is developed upfront the TorProject constraint and uses the Tor fixing up to these days anonymity.
The ahead idiosyncrasy of Tor is that cure-all details packets are encrypted three times, and then pass with the keep from a limit of three Tor servers, each of which removes its own layer of encryption. The transcendence is organized in such a in down that each next server does not be versed hither the above-named points of packets passing.
Tor Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox and combines not right-minded the Tor serving, but also a thread against of browser extensions that brook you to spread anonymity and security. Blank them, HTTPS Ubiquitously, NoScript, and extensions to md Tor.
All this is at with clearly no additional settings, in suppletion, the browser during in earl gives a cadre of tips on how to heartier security. And contemporarily control's be struck close to an or a enigmatic more on closer to practice.
It is barest smooth to start the ball rolling up and start the browser. I daydream this facts was usable recompense you.
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