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19.07.06 18:14


AutoPatcher XP July 2006

Всички обновления и разширения за Windows XP

В AutoPatcher XP са събрани необходимите обновления за операционната система Windows XP. Така потребителите лесно и бързо ги инсталират в компютъра си.

За цялостен ъпдейт: AutoPatcher XP Apr06 Full - 231 141 КВ. След това добавете новия ъпдейт.

Връзки за сваляне на предишни версии на AutoPatcher XP:


Mozilla Firefox (на български)

В Интернет с "Огнената лисица"

Представяме ви българската версия на браузъра Mozilla Firefox. Не е нужно да инсталирате допълнителни файлове.

Mozilla Firefox е браузър, които печели все повече и повече почитатели. Той се отличава с бързина и сигурност. Можете да добавяте допълнителни теми и разширения (от менюто Инструменти).

Български превод: Милен Иванов, Ивайло Станчев, Красен Тунчев

Mozilla Firefox на английски език.

Връзки за сваляне на предишни версии на Mozilla Firefox (на български):


ESET NOD32 for Windows NT/2000/2003/XP 2.5

Лек, бърз и надежден антивирусен пакет

64 битовата версия на NOD32 - може би най-добрата антивирусна програма. Тя е малка, лека, сканира бързо и открива всички вируси. Носителка е на множество награди и година след година е избирана за най-добра антивирусна програма от Virus Bulliten. Освен това е преведена на множество езици и има версии за множество платформи - DOS, Windows, Linux Mail Server и др.

Ограничения: 30 дена


uTorrent 1.6 build 473 (Stable Installer)

Официална страница:  http://www.utorrent.com/

--- 2006-07-02: Version 1.6 (build 474)
- Fix: Autoload would not copy the torrent under some circumstances
- Fix: No mark was shown in the Label selection menu for the selected label
- Change: Always merge trackers if loading a torrent in silent mode

--- 2006-07-01: Version 1.6 (build 473)
- Feature: Ability to filter files in torrent creator
- Feature: Add a move to top/down button or key
- Feature: Add a way to make µt startup in bosskey mode
- Feature: Add a way to set the upload/download cap through system tray
- Feature: Add an option to reset bans
- Feature: Add remaining HD space in the BC-style dialog
- Feature: Added "Completed On" column
- Feature: Added a way to delete the internal peerlist
- Feature: Added bandwidth priority and tracker status column
- Feature: Added graphical progress bar in main list
- Feature: Added option to allow multiple connections from same IP.
- Feature: Added option to bypass the Nanotorrent search redirect.
- Feature: Added option to open download bar when doubleclicking a torrent
- Feature: Allow torrents in list to be renamed
- Feature: Change label from the torrent properties dialog
- Feature: Delete torrents to trash
- Feature: Disk statistics
- Feature: Draggable download bars separate from the main window
- Feature: Enable scheduler from tray
- Feature: Make shift + delete key remove torrent + data
- Feature: New disk cache settings
- Feature: Open containing folder selects the item
- Feature: Open the folder if you click on the tray popup when a download is finished
- Feature: Pause in tetris
- Feature: Proxy for peer connections
- Feature: RSS update interval
- Feature: Remember waste/hashfails across sessions
- Feature: Removing torrent will remove partfile
- Feature: Set default action for delete button (right click on it and hold shift)
- Feature: Setup outgoing port to bind to
- Feature: Show a warning if no disk space when moving a complete torrent
- Feature: Show a warning in the add dialog if the torrent doesn't fit on the drive
- Feature: Show speed in title bar
- Feature: Show speed limits in status bar
- Feature: Shutdown/hibernate when downloads complete
- Feature: Standby when torrents complete
- Feature: Torrent create dialog remembers the previous settings

- Change: 'min interval' was misspelled.
- Change: Added buttons to select all / deselect in the add dialog
- Change: Added option not to connect to port 25 or 110
- Change: Auto Shutdown Windows available from a menu
- Change: Change so it always shows 3 digits in sizes.
- Change: Changed connections for the 384k speed
- Change: Delay firewall opening a little to help problem where utorrent starts faster than the firewall.
- Change: Don't delete torrents from list if the torrentfile wasn't found
- Change: Don't resolve peer ips by default
- Change: Don't switch between green/yellow icon too often
- Change: Don't use router.bittorrent.com
- Change: Edit button in RSS feeds window
- Change: Fixed various language strings to be more consistent
- Change: If the file cannot be opened, delay a little while and try again.
- Change: Increased length of editbox for new labels
- Change: Modified algorihtm for giving extra upload slots
- Change: More dialogs are non-modal
- Change: Never request more than 50 chunks from a bitcomet peer
- Change: New UPnP code (works on all OSes)
- Change: Redesigned settings dialog (I still need icons for the categories)
- Change: Remember the last speed tab view mode
- Change: Resolve IPs is on by default, but only if the Peers tab is active.
- Change: Separate the tracker from the webui + webui settings
- Change: Show a message in the logger if the autoload is set to the same as the storage folder.
- Change: Show a warning dialog when auto shutting down
- Change: Show better error message when adding a torrent through URL and it can't be loaded
- Change: Show decimal in download bar
- Change: Speed in title bar is shown a little differently
- Change: Swapped UL/DL in download bar
- Change: Trim spaces from tracker url in create torrent dialog
- Change: Tweaked piece selection algorithm a little
- Change: num_wsa_events to control how many WSA EVENTS to allocate
- Change: peer.lazy_bitfield enabled by default.
- Change: Changed the network status icons
- change: Moved the network status icon a bit

- Fix: Couldn't use Unicode characters with search box
- Fix: Don't allow blank filenames for single-file torrents (uses default name instead)
- Fix: Don't crash if popup menu is active while the active torrent is deselected
- Fix: Fixed Win95 problems.
- Fix: Fixed a bunch of crash bugs.
- Fix: Generals tab should flicker less
- Fix: Make the after crash re-check not re-check torrents that already finished in that session
- Fix: Never create torrents with more than 64k pieces.
- Fix: RSS Favorites list bug
- Fix: Resize some labels to make more space
- Fix: Setting upload/download limit uses the currently active limit
- Fix: Superseeding should work better
- Fix: The label entry box in the BC-style dialog is too short
- Fix: Wrap comments field


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